About Us

Just be calm for 2 minutes when you just stand  on this adventurous spot and imagine what you feel, instantly , you will feel outstanding and you will like to visit again, but you will not forget the memories forever.

Let you first introduce about the proprietor of the Palm Discoveries. Himself Mr. Dilkush Velip resident of cola, Canacona Goa, professionalist  in Geography. He is Proud to be the founder of  Palm Discoveries. As far as food is concerned, It gives you the taste of Goan food and Chinese etc. We provide you the accommodation service which is built from the wooden structure home where you can stay and enjoy your holidays. The said Huts/cottages you would find it by the name of GARDEN HOMES, which are intact with all the facilities such as  sleeping Bed facility, attach Toilets, storage facility, etc. We also provide you the ocean trips for Dolphin View and also Bikes and Car on hire facilities. There is also restaurant available with fresh food and beverages. Sunset view and sunbath exclusively common for each and every body which makes peoples to love this spot for and forever.

How It All Started

As far as concerned to this location/area most of the portion of the land is covered by palm trees. Rarely one can find out this place easily but mostly nature Lovers can find it out  regularly. The history of this place  attract people says that , few years before some foreign people visited this place, serially other followed them to see this place and now this place attracts the whole world. One years ago there were no facilities  available here which we provides now. Today the number of tourist come to visit and stay at this place for  peace and pleasure. They sometime spend Nights to enjoy the night view of this amazing place created by creator. Now every year 5000 to 7,000 tourist visit this place. Hence, the Palm Discoveries decided recently to provide best needed facilities to the visitors to satisfy their need.


“Eat once then it makes to eat again.  Likewise visit once then it makes you visit again. ”

Adventurer always dreams for new discoveries.
It should be always like Palm Discoveries.

Work hard you will success, Learn hard you will success, Speak hard you will success
But do not forget to visit hard to find out Palm Discoveries.