Brand Goa


Brand Goa

Goa is a land of amazing contrasts.In fact, it is home to the highest number of contrasts packed in the smallest geographical area of 3700-odd square kilometres.

From 30,000-year-old human settlements for the archaeologist in you to 300-year-old Portuguese houses for the architect in you.

From the quietest beaches where you can even hear yourself breathe, to the busiest flea markets where you can’t hear yourself talk.

From the most honest-to-goodness local cuisine to the most authentic international flavours for the epicurean-explorer.

From the local Shigmo festival to the Rio-inspired Carnaval for the student of contrasting cultures.

From some of the oldest churches to some of the oldest temples in India for the seeker of truth.

No other place lets you discover so many worlds in the space of a few hours: outside you and inside you!What does the Brand Goa identity mean?

The identity reflects Goa’s stunning contrasts.It is an ambigram: a form whose elements retain meaning when viewed from different directions.

What does the expression ‘kenna’ mean?The expression ‘kenna’ is a crucial element of the communication for Brand Goa that also dramatizes contrasts.

It means “sometimes” in Konkani, a language widely spoken in Goa, a State in India.

Here’s an example of its usage in communication: The line ‘Kenna chill, kenna thrill’ along with photos of Goa’s bird sanctuary and rafting on the Mhadei river.

In Goa, you can sometimes be a relaxed birdwatcher (we have over 400 species!), sometimes a screaming-with-adrenaline white water rafter on the Mhadei river!

In a way, ‘kenna’ invites you to explore the many sides of Goa… and yourself!